Christopher Peguero

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“I have worked at Seattle City Light for over a decade where I have used the City’s Race and Social Justice Initiative Tool to advocate for equity and justice. My priority is working with community to foster transparency, equity, and cultural accessibility in government.” - christopher peguero

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Our Values

Economic Equity means that those affected by poverty and systemic discrimination have the opportunities and community support they need to access the American Dream. This means we will address: houselessness, income disparity, gentrification, displacement, the high cost of living, and access to wealth.

Transparency means having government that is open and accountable. Our priority is authentic representation to ensure that all members of community have a voice in decision making and equal access to leaders.

Cultural Accessibility means it is our priority that the economic, cultural, social and language diversity of our community is recognized and represented. We will have a policy to provide residents direct access to the Council Member and his staff.


Our Platform


Environmental and Climate Crisis

We must act on our unfolding climate crisis to minimize the risk of significant harm. We are counting down 11 years to reduce carbon output. 

We can start by declaring a climate crisis and adopting a Seattle Green New Deal!

Housing is a Human Right

We must re-humanize. Sweeps dehumanize and further destabilize those who are already struggling with displacement and poverty. We could all be one paycheck/family emergency, health emergency “away” as housing prices increase. We believe the most effective way to serve those dealing with houselessness is through a single-city department that provides immediate and long-term solutions.

Community Centered Representation

Our focus is to address gentrification and displacement mitigation.

Restorative Justice

Our approach is to address the systemic issues that youth are dealing with rather than criminalizing behavioral issues. We support a policy solutions that focuses on giving underrepresented youth opportunities that pivot them away from the Prison Industrial Complex.

Transportation Policy

We believe that travel should be convenient and affordable for all people.


february 2019

Seattle City Light employee and community advocate Christopher Peguero joins the race for District 2

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