Use Your Democracy Vouchers


What is the democracy voucher program?

The Democracy Voucher Program offers a new way for Seattle residents to participate in local government by supporting campaigns and/or running for office themselves.

Beginning February 12, all registered voters, and eligible Seattle residents who applied, will receive four $25 Democracy Vouchers by mail. To learn more about the program, click here

Great News! Democracy Vouchers are now available online! click here to access the new site.

To help Chris qualify for the Democracy Voucher program fill out and sign the Qualifying Contribution form and mail it to the address below or email it to

To support Chris using your Democracy Vouchers, fill out your vouchers, sign them and send them to the address below or mail them in the paid postage envelope provided. Or assign your vouchers online at the new Democracy Vouchers website

District 2 For Peguero

2518 S Brandon CT. Seattle, WA. 98108