February 2019

Seattle City Light employee and community advocate Christopher Peguero joins the race for District 2

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january 2019

Christopher Peguero Announces City Council Campaign

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october 2018

Celebrate LGBTQ History Month by reflecting on the past

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September 2018

Trip to North Cascades Highlights Diversity Outdoors

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August 2018

Seattle City Light and Latino Outdoors 2018 Partnership

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May 2018

Seattle Gets Five New Colors Added To Pride Flag For 2018

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March 2018


500 Queer Scientists / Visit Website

500 Queer Scientists / Christopher’s Profile

february 2017

Seattle City (spot)Light: Christopher Peguero

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december 2017

Seattle Pride Flag Raising at City Hall Attended by Murray, Cammermeyer

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august 2016

Council: End Blood Donation Ban for Gay, Bisexual Men

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July 2016

Why the FDA requires 12 months’ abstinence before gay men can donate blood

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June 2016

Citing Discrimination Against Gay Men, City Employees and the Mayor Protest Blood Drive

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June 2015

Seattle celebrates Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage

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april 2015

Two Seattle dads tackle the universal balancing act

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January 2015

Photos from Today’s City Walkout for Police Accountability

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october 2012

It Gets Better (City of Seattle)

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January 2012

City Light Employee Helps with Japanese Tsunami Recovery

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