Our Platform


Environmental and Climate Crisis

We must act on our unfolding climate crisis to minimize the risk of significant harm. We are counting down 11 years to reduce carbon output.  We can start by declaring a climate crisis and adopting a Seattle Green New Deal!

Immediate Strategies:

 • Declare a Climate Crisis 

• Establish City of Seattle Green New Deal framework


 • Expand multi-family zoning, address affordability issues and legacy of racially segregated access of home ownership in single family zoning. Build low income/affordable family housing, especially near transit, urban core.


 • Yes to Congestion Pricing, take revenue to build more public transit options

• Yes to public charging network, build robust policy to invest in freight electrification, ferry electrification, electrification of forklifts, other industrial diesel use

• Invest/influence car sharing investment into electrification - existing drive clean program

• Meet original obligation and build upon bike master plan

• Establish low income and community solar program

 Economic divestment/investment/funding 

 • Yes to Carbon Pricing, support/lobby any statewide initiatives

• Support/ lobby for WA capital gains tax on the sale of stocks, bonds and other assets to increase the share of state taxes paid by Washington's wealthiest taxpayers. The state would apply a 9 percent tax to capital gains earnings above $25,000 for individuals and $50,000 for joint filers to help pay for initiatives

• Work with colleagues to divest fossil fuel investments in City Employee retirement system 

• Move away from Wells-Fargo for City Of Seattle banking needs to a more climate friendly bank

 Support/strengthen existing programs

 • Support and build upon the important work of Seattle's Equitable Development Initiative, Transportation Equity Program, City Light's Environmental Equity Program, Duwamish Valley Action Team, the Chinatown/International District Interdepartmental Team and strengthen Race and Social Justice.

 • Support and build upon the Seattle Equity and Environment Initiative and Agenda and the work of the Environmental Justice Committee

 • Establish green job pathway for environmental justice youth (Youth of Color, immigrant and refugee, limited English proficient and low income)

 Support important community work/investments

 • Uplift and support the community NGO work of Got Green, Puget Sound Sage, Environmental Coalition of South Seattle (ECOSS), Duwamish Valley Cleanup Coalition (DRCC), Duwamish Valley Youth Corps, to name a few 

 • Continue to support and influence large mainstream, predominantly white led environmental organizations to build environmental equity framework commitments

 This is where we are starting - we will be building upon these commitments.

Please share your thoughts and ideas.

Housing is a Human Right

We must re-humanize. Sweeps dehumanize and further destabilize those who are already struggling with displacement and poverty. We could all be one paycheck/family emergency, health emergency “away” as housing prices increase. We believe the most effective way to serve those dealing with houselessness is through a single regional department that provides immediate and long-term solutions.

Immediate Strategies:

  • Sanctioned camps with no barriers, no curfew, open pet policy and 24/7 access to showers, water, toilets, laundry, security and garbage pick up.

  • Voluntary drug, alcohol counselling and mental health services

  • Basic health care services provided with resources provided for longer term care;

  • Job coaching and career placement

Long Term Strategies:

  • Creating more incentives for Seattle’s Housing and Affordability and Livability Agenda http://www.seattle.gov/hala/about;

  • Creating relationships between stakeholders and developers to protect the cultural integrity of our district

  • Incentives for organizations to house families;

  • Anti-displacement policies; and Expanding the Multifamily Zone;

  • Housing Vouchers and Long term housing placement.

Community Centered Representation

Our focus is to address gentrification and displacement mitigation.

  • Community Determined Cultural Significant Business fund to address the issues and challenges that are common to local business owners and to protect culturally significant business institutions.

  • Community Policy Committee prioritizing the voices of women of color, economically marginalized communities, and members of the LGBTQIA community. All members will be compensated for their time.

  • Create a Business District Council whose members represent Women and Minority owned businesses, historically underutilized businesses and Queer and Trans people of color.

  • In the first year, our office will be accessible 7 days a week. We will offer a mobile office during three days of the week at a time that is convenient for community. Our priority is to be most accessible to those most affected by gentrification, displacement, low income, limited service, institutional oppression; After the first year, we will invite the community to give us feedback about our office setup - this is your office, so we will seek out, listen, and respond to how you tell us it works best for you.

Restorative Justice

Our approach is to address the systemic issues that youth are dealing with rather than criminalizing behavioral issues. We support policy solutions that focus on giving underrepresented youth opportunities that pivot them away from the Prison Industrial Complex.

  • No Youth Jail: We believe the current space designated as a youth jail should be re-purposed as a Youth Resource Center and as a space to address the houselessness crisis.

Youth and Education

Education must be youth-centered and focused on their needs. We believe in creating pathways to youth success and dismantling institutions that pose barriers to their success by providing:

  • Economic support (Grants for Youth)

  • Coding education for local youth

  • Entrepreneur Training for youth

  • We endorse a STEAM education approach that recognizes the diverse ways in which youth learn and interpret information

  • A youth council to better understand the needs of youth residents first hand.

Transportation Policy

We believe that travel should be convenient and affordable for all people. We will promote:

  • Working with community to develop programs that will we help service workers and those coming from outside the city.

  • Expanding travel voucher programs for those most affected by transportation disparity.

  • Re-instituting free travel zones in downtown Seattle.